Finding a little relief

Due to the rigorous toll chemotherapy treatments can place on the human body, people going through this treatment may experience bouts of nausea which can lead to an inability to tolerate many foods or nutritional drinks. Due to the efficacy, taste and light composition of the B.R.A.T. feel better drinks, many people undergoing this treatment have found relief from the B.R.A.T. drinks.

A Nurse’s Story

B. Goodwill, RN; Lancaster, CA
"I am an infusion RN at an oncology clinic in Lancaster, California. Many of our chemotherapy patients were given samples of the B.R.A.T. drinks to try. Our patients really liked the different flavors they tried and preferred the taste to other nutritional drinks they had tried. Many of the patients who were having nausea problems were able to tolerate the B.R.A.T. drinks and found that they settled their stomachs and were able to keep the drinks down. Patients who were being fed via G-Tube also liked the B.R.A.T. drinks it settled their stomachs when they were nauseated. I highly recommend the B.R.A.T. diet for oncology patients or anyone who has problems with nausea or for people who do not like the taste of other nutritional drinks. Thanks so much for the samples. Our patients are now able to purchase the B.R.A.T. drinks at our local organic market.“

Tube Feeding: The B.R.A.T. drinks have been found safe for tube feeding and have been tested on 14 & 18 French G-Tubes with no clogging.

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