Digestive Disorders

Calming the digestive tract

Digestive disorders can be accompanied with chronic nausea, diarrhea & vomiting. The B.R.A.T. feel better drinks are designed to help calm the digestive tract using the B.R.A.T. formula of binding foods, specifically brown rice, apples & bananas so the drinks can be helpful with symptoms associated with various digestive disorders.

A Mom’s Story

Angela S. - Mom in PA
"My son has a horrible stomach bug and can't keep anything down. My nephews were hit with the same bug and my sister took them to the doctor. The doctor told her to feed them the "brat" (bananas, rice, applesauce & toast) diet. I knew my son wouldn't eat the rice and applesauce so I was looking for something to rehydrate him and came upon your product. I was SO glad I purchased it!! He tried it and to my amazement, he LOVES it!! It's the only thing he's been able to keep in and it's all he's asking for!"

Tube Feeding: The B.R.A.T. drinks have been found safe for tube feeding and have been tested on 14 & 18 French G-Tubes with no clogging.

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