Morning Sickness

Helping a Mommy to Be

Due to the many physical changes that accompany pregnant women, “morning sickness” or nausea & vomiting may occur. This condition usually takes place in the first trimester of pregnancy and can occur in the morning or any time of the day. Because the B.R.A.T. drinks were formulated to soothe the gastrointestinal tract, many pregnant women have told us the B.R.A.T. drinks help to alleviate their symptoms.

Helping a Mommy to Be
“With tears of relief I'm sending this e-mail to say thank you. I'm pregnant in my first trimester and my friend at church gave me your diet drink yesterday. Morning sickness is a horrible experience with a wonderful outcome of course, but out of everything I've tried, B.R.A.T. Diet drink works on contact with the first sip for soothing my discomfort, minus the side effects of other things I've tried that make me sleepy. Love, Love, Love your Chocolate Honey flavor it's my fave. The product is simply Brilliant!!”

Thank You,
Tiffany – mommy to be in California
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