3 Important Things You Need to Know About Wigs

3 Important Things You Need to Know About Wigs

Wigs are a popular fashion item in this era where people value appearance and spend more money to look good. If you are a toupee fanatic, you probably have some good quality human hair wigs that you wear daily or on special occasions. But, have you ever thought about the historical background of wigs or asked yourself why they are different from weaves? Or if synthetic hair extensions are better than human hair ones? If you are curious about wigs, this article has all the answers to those questions you have been asking yourself.

What is the History of Wigs?

Wigs date back to ancient times when Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Syrians adorned them for religious or personal reasons. However, individuals did not use false hair for cosmetic reasons until the 16th century. This century marked the use of wigs as cover-ups for hair loss, as witnessed in the case of Queen Elizabeth I. Men were the major users of these extensions, as they were a status symbol for individuals in society, especially in the 17th century.

The number of women who wore wigs increased substantially in the 20th century due to the availability of inexpensive synthetic hair. The wigs became a popular fashion choice for many women who adorn them for various reasons. Some use false hair to cover up bad hair days, while others wear them to conceal substantial hair loss from cancer treatments. The rest of the hair extension wearers use them to express their sense of fashion or style.

What are the Differentiates Wigs From Weaves?

There isn't much difference between wigs and weaves other than their installation methods. Generally, wigs are the simpler version of weaves, as you can put them on effortlessly with or without a hairstylist. Weaves, however, require you to visit a professional hair salon where a stylist will sew the hair onto your head.

Weaves are more complicated to install because they require a professional to install them for you correctly. It is easier for you to visit a salon where a hairdresser sews in a weave and styles it to achieve the look you want. In contrast, wigs don't require much effort or time. You just place one on your head, secure it around your hairline, style it and voila! You are done.

What Are the Best Wigs: Human Hair or Synthetic?

Human hair extensions generally cost more because they are made from real human hair. In contrast, synthetic ones consist of plastic fibers that mimic natural hair. Therefore, determining the best hair is based solely on your budget and preference. A poor-quality human hair bundle is a waste of your money, while a good synthetic hairpiece can serve you better than anticipated.


There you go, you have learned three important factors about false hair. The next time you wear your favorite hair extensions, you will have more information about them. The history of wigs, their difference from weaves, and the best hairpiece for your budget are important things you need to learn. Knowing this information eliminates ignorance on popular fashion items like human hair extensions.