7 Things Nobody Told You About Body Wave Hair

7 Things Nobody Told You About Body Wave Hair

Body wave hair is a popular choice among American women. It's the most widely requested method to add length and volume to natural black hair. But what exactly is a body wave?

The body wave bundles are a particular hairstyle created by adding deep waves to natural black hair using a perm rod or Flexi rod set. It can be worn as a curly style, too. The key to achieving the look is using a perm rod set, which involves rolling large sections of hair on perm rods and then sleeping or waiting on them.

Body Wave Hair: What It Is And Why You Want It

The effects of a perm or a texturizer can cause kinky twisty coils to form naturally in your strands. This particular type of curl pattern was named after Afro-textured hair since this texture tends to have more defined waves.

When you get a body wave installed on relaxed or natural hair, your stylist will use either rollers or rods (or both) under high heat and pressure to carefully shape the curls. The result should be smoothly meandering waves that drop down one after another. It's these waves that make African American hair appear thicker, longer and accentuate its natural shape without harsh lines.

Body Wave Hair: The Benefits Of Wavy Hair

Here are seven reasons why you should consider this hairstyle if you're obsessed with getting volume, thickness, and length.

1) Body wave is more versatile than other curl patterns

You can either wear it bone straight or wear it curly (with an afro pick). If you don't like the shrinkage, blow-dry your waves straight before walking out of the house. And when you want to sport some kinky twists, dampen your hair before removing the rods to release extra curls!

2) It's an instant volume booster

Curly hair tends to be naturally more voluminous than straight strands because of the way it expands in width. And when you use rollers to create waves, you're essentially making all that volume last longer!

3) Body wave adds movement

When your hair is bone straight or has a no-curl pattern, it's usually challenging to get any natural flowy motion. But when you place rollers at different sections of your hair shaft and let them set under heat, you'll notice how beautifully body wave hair moves with the slightest breeze.

4) It's perfect for round faces

Round-faced ladies often have trouble flaunting their cheekbones since their beginning naturally down towards the chin. However, body wave hair will help you achieve a long-lasting oval shape by concealing your jawline and elongating the look of your face.

5) It's low maintenance

If you have no time to fuss about styling tools every day, wear this style in its natural wavy state or add some loose curls when you want an extra boost. The rollers used in the installation process are meant to stay in place for a few days! That means if you're going on a trip next week, don't sweat it! Just get them installed before heading out and remove them only when you return home. However, remember that eliminating rollers too soon can cause damage since the heat has already been set into your strands.

6) You can match your texture to faux hair!

If you're tired of teasing your tresses, try body wave extensions for a change. They'll give your natural hair the same look and feel as weave, but without all that hassle. It's also just an easy way to refresh your style!

7) Body Wave Hair Can Work On Any Length

Whether you've got short, long, or medium-length African American hair, body waves will suit every strand perfectly. Just make sure to choose a qualified stylist who specializes in installing this type of curl pattern on black hair.


So if you want gorgeous waves at any length, here's why Americans everywhere are choosing body wave hair over other styles like braids, extensions, and twists. Give it a shot and show off your natural beauty!