How to Clean Artificial Boxwood Panels

How to Clean Artificial Boxwood Panels

Buying artificial boxwood panels wholesale is never an easy decision, considering the amount needed to invest. Whether you buy your artificial boxwood wholesale or not, you will need to pay some amount, and when you need the plant to cover a large area, you spend more. But was this a wrong decision? Absolutely not! Artificial boxwood panels have a way of giving your home a unique look. With the plants, you give your home the green shade, and the air around your home will be pure. Moreover, when you compare the amount invested into buying this artificial boxwood to what you need for natural plants, you'll realize you made the right choice. Artificial plants are usually a cheaper option.

However, whether you buy the artificial boxwood panels from the best manufacturer at all, it will, at some point, get dirty. The frequency and speed at which it gets dirty depend on how you use it and its location. If you have your artificial boxwood inside your home, how it gets dirty will differ from when you have it outside. Therefore, how you'll clean the plants inside the house won't be the same as how you tend the plants outside the home. In this guide, we'll show you how to clean your artificial boxwood both inside and outside your home.

Indoor cleaning

If your faux boxwood is inside your home, there isn't so much cleaning to do because it's indoor. But as always, you need to continue routine cleaning through these procedures;

Dust off all possible dirt

Over time, dust may accumulate on your boxwood panels as with your everyday home appliances. As much as possible, anytime you see the dust, try to clean it. But if you don't see dust until it's time for the routine cleaning, you have to dust it off first.

Spray with a suitable cleaning product

Get a cleaning product that doesn't remove color and is made of soft chemicals. You do not want a cleaner that will ensure the color of your boxwood panels fades away. With a spray bottle, apply the cleanser across the boxwood panel. Leave the cleaner for some time and rinse the cleaning product off. After that, dry the plants under the sun.

Outdoor cleaning

If you want to clean your boxwood outside, the first is to choose a day when the sun is out and get a suitable water hose or mild pressure washer.

Use a water hose to spray all corners

With the hose, first, spray the corners and surfaces of the boxwood panel with enough water. If you are using a pressure washer, ensure your pressure settings are at the lowest possible to not damage the floor. After using pure water, you can now add some soap to ensure that the panel is clean, and you rinse it off. After rinsing, you can shake the panel to remove some water and then leave it to dry. If you forget to shake the panel till it dries, you may have to wait for a long time till it dries.


Washing your boxwood panels requires knowledge and basic amenities like water and soap. You can follow the steps in this guide, but remember never to try to use a machine to make your artificial plants dry.